Title: How do I limit postings to specific domains?

Question: I would like to limit who can post to my list. Is it possible to
allow some domains but not others to post to my list?


You can specify what happens to messages from non-members that come from
specific domains. Using you list owner password, logon to your list:


where "listname" is replaced with the actual name of your list.

Select the "Privacy Options" link in the Configuration Categories at the
top of the page. This will expose four subsections of Privacy Options:
Subscription rules, Sender filters, Recipient filters and Spam filters.
Select the "Sender filters" link.

To automatically accept non-member posts from a given domain, enter the
following text in the "accept these nonmembers" setting:


where "domain" is replaced with the domain you want to accept. For
example, if you want to automatically accept all messages from UW email
addresses, you would enter "nmsu.edu" as your domain.

You can do similar things with the "hold these nonmembers," "reject these
nonmembers" and "discard these nonmembers" settings.  For example, if your
list receives lots of spam from the xyz.com domain, enter "^.*xyz.com" in
the "discard these nonmembers" setting. Messages from any address ending
in xyz.com will then be automatically discarded.

Of course, depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you also need
to make sure the "generic nonmember action" setting is set correctly. This
setting specifies what happens to messages from non-members that do not
fit any of the sender filters.

Don't forget to click on the "Submit your changes" button at the bottom of
the screen when finished.