Title: How do I limit postings to my list so that only owners, moderators, or certain non-members can post?

Question: I'm trying to limit messages sent to my list so that only
owners, moderators, and certain non-members can post. How do I do that?


In order to do this, you must make sure that subscribers and 
non-subscribers cannot post. This will leave only the owners and 


To reject mail from non-subscribers, first go to your list's administration 
pages at:


where "listname" is the actual name of your list and log in with list owner
password.  Click on "Privacy Options," and then at the next page, click on
"Sender Filters."

The "generic_nonmember_action" option will allow you to decide what to do
with mail from non-subscribers.  "Hold, "Reject", and "Discard" will prevent
the mail from going to the list, but "Reject" will send a notice to the
sender, whereas "Discard" will be silent. "Hold" will send mail to the owner(s)
that mail is being held and needs to be attended to (to be released, discarded,

Do not submit your changes yet, but do stay on this page.


To handle subscribers, you make all the subscribers moderated, then define 
what to do with mail from moderated subscribers.

To make all members moderated, go to the top of the "Sender Filters" page.  
Select "Yes" for the "default_member_moderation" option, so that new
members are automatically set to "mod" status.  The "member_moderation_action" 
option will allow you to choose what you do with the mail sent by subscribers.  
After making your choice, you should click on "Submit Your Changes".

If your list already has subscribers, you should make sure that they are
also set to "mod" status.  Go to "Membership Management."  Under
"Additional Member Tasks," select the button that says "On" to set
everyone's moderation bit and then click "Submit Your Changes."  This will
set all current subscribers to "mod" status.

If the owners and moderators are also subscribed to the list, you will
need to change their moderation status. You can do so on the Membership
List under Membership Management. Find each owner's or moderator's email
address and uncheck the "mod" box. Click on the "Submit Your Changes"
button before moving on to a new screen. If the owners or moderators are
not subscribed to the list, follow the links to "Privacy Options" and then
"Sender filters" and enter their email addresses in the
"accept_these_nonmembers" setting. When finished, submit your changes.

Congratulations.  Your list is now configured so that only owners and
moderators can freely post to the list.