Title: How do I find out who is subscribed to my list?

Question: I'm the owner of a Mailman list at NMSU. How can I find out
who is subscribed to my list?


To check current list membership, go to your list's administration page at


where "listname" is replaced with the actual name of your list.  Log in
with your list owner password.

Under the "Configuration Categories" section at the top of the page,
select the "Membership Management" link and you will be shown a list of
your current subscribers along with their settings. If you have more than
30 subscribers on your list, the membership list will be broken down
alphabetically on separate pages.

With a large amount of subscribers, you can also list generate a list via email
using the "who" command.

	1) Send email to listname-request@nmsu.edu
	2) In the body of the message, put
		who <your list owner password>
	3) This should email you back with your subscribers in email format.

Generating a list via the email method is a handy way if when the time comes to 
do "Mass Removals" or "Mass Subscriptions" should you need to move to another list.