Title: How do I subscribe to a Mailman list via the web?

Question: How do I subscribe to a Mailman list using the web interface?


Using a web browser, you can access the directory of public lists at


The lists included on the above page are only those lists that are public. To 
access a private list, you will need to know the exact list name. You can type 
the name in the URL like this


For example, if I want to access the list information page for the list
"thelistIwant," I would go to the following URL


Once you have accessed the list's information page, you should see a
section that will allow you to subscribe to the list. Type your email
address and a password. The password that you select should be only for
this mailing list.

Once you have filled in the information requested in the "Subscribing"
section, click on the "Subscribe" button. If the list has been set up to
require owner approval for subscriptions, you will have to wait until the
list owner approves your subscription request. Otherwise, Mailman will
send an email message to your email address. The message that you receive
will ask you to confirm your subscription request. This helps to prevent
other people from adding you to a list without your permission.  When you
receive the confirmation request, simply reply to the message. You do not
have to add any additional text and you should not modify the subject

After successfully subscribing to the list, Mailman will probably send you
a welcome message (list owners can configure their list so that welcome
messages are not sent). The message will include the URL that will direct
you to the list's information page, a URL that will direct you to your
personal settings page, and your list password (if you logged in with your
UW NetID, you can ignore the list password). You should keep the welcome
message for future reference.