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Hi Sue,
You might begin by using the term "Media Fluency" rather than "Media  
Literacy."  The word "literacy" is text-biased and assumes that all other  media 
besides print are variants of texts and all we need to do is learn how  properly 
to "read" them.  In fact, non-text media, (audio, video,  film, computer and 
oral performances) confront the student (and teacher)  with completely differing 
epistemologies than text and should be approached with  differing assumptions 
and differing tools for analysis.
For core Media Fluency principles, I would start with The Bias of  
Communication by Harold Innis, Preface to Plato by Eric Havelock  and Orality and 
Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word by Walter J.  Ong.  I would include The 
Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan and  Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil 
Good luck!
Robert K. Blechman
St. George's University
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Dear  Media-L colleagues,
I received this inquiry yesterday from a high school  teacher in Nebraska, 
where ML standards are weak. If you can help her on short  notice (today Monday 
or early Tuesday) with some ideas, please respond  directly to her (copied 
above, or below).

I have "fought" and won to keep our Analysis of Mass  Media class in the high 
school as we write new curriculum. We are keeping  the focus on media 
literacy and will change the course name to match that  direction. The course is 
taught mainly to seniors. My question: What would  you suggest as our main 
objectives / outcomes for the course. We will need  about four. 

I have done a lot of research and have participated  in workshops, including 
the New Mexico Literacy project. I will write some  grants in hopes of having 
money to either visit with professionals or  participate in more workshops. 
However, I just found out the I am writing  with two other teachers from outside 
of my building on 1/13/08. We will have  to present our objectives / outcomes 
by the end of the day. Once person has  never even taught the class, so I 
would really appreciate having a  professional opinion as I enter the process. Do 
you have any suggestions  that will be good for this class? Our state 
standards are weak (Nebraska). I  am a BIG advocate of media literacy!

Thank you,
Sue  Roberts
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Omaha, NE 68130

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