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Good morning Media Educators,

Québec is still the only jurisdiction in North America where  
advertising to kids has been illegal for more than 30 years.

What are the benefits?
Why would society allow professional marketers to target children  
using modern psychology and neurology?
Which advertisers were sued and preferred pleading guilty before  
facing the judge?
Are there more damages for which marketing industries carry  
responsibility for targeting children and teens?
What are the SOLUTIONS?

This unprecedented conference will allow participants to debate how we  
can reduce the negative influence of marketers on our most vulnerable  


YWCA Montreal, Edupax and ACME (Action Coalition for Media Education)  
are pleased to invite you to the 2nd Conference on the IMPACTS of  
the SOLUTIONS in downtown Montréal, May 4, 5 and 6, 2011.

Thirty speakers from Québec, New Mexico, Louisiana, Michigan, New  
York, California, British Columbia, Ontario, and France have agreed to  
come and share with you their expertise about the damages caused to  
children and teens by industries using screens to attract them,  
entertain them, and promote unhealthy food and behaviours.

This Conference will host presenters in English for one day only, May  
4, + presenters in French for two days, May 5 and 6. Registration for  
one day is welcome.

Please find the program, the schedule for each day and info to  
register at this address: http://screenoverdoseconf.edupax.org
Please check the program of our single day in English here:

We look forward to meeting you at this unique conference and promoting  
healthy media consumption habits
for the sake of our young fellow citizens, the well-being of our  
entire society, and the protection of our environment.

Contact: Lilia Goldfarb, YWCA Montreal, Jacques Brodeur, Edupax,  
819-379-2132, jbrodeur at edupax.org .
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